Bits of Me

Memories! Memories! Memories! flooded by them. A simple walk down a corridor was all it took. Somethings had changed – change is a must. But a lot of things now made sense, which never did – not this way.  The ‘I’ was moulded here. That was such a revelation because the thought never crossed my […]

Woh Yaadein Woh Lamhe….

Ye daulat bhi le lo ye shohrat bhi le lo  Bhale chheen lo mujhse meri jawani  Magar mujhko lota do bachpan ka sawan  Woh kagaz ki kashti woh baarish ka paani  Toh Arz kiya hai doston… (Please bear in mind that this composition below is not made to hurt anyone’s feel-ings. If I do so […]